60 people work in our 800 m² R+D laboratory

60 people work in our 800 m² R+D laboratory, almost half of which are chemists and the rest senior technicians with vast experience in formulation, chemical analysis and product development. The R+D workforce has grown by over a third in the past two years. We currently work on development projects in 16 different product categories geared to washing clothing and dishes and home care.

In addition to the development of new products, this department is responsible for enhancing formulations with several different objectives: continuous available updating, an improvement in quality, the optimisation of costs, the adaptation of new raw materials and sustainability. Furthermore, the R+D department provides technical assistance to the company´s other departments, particularly in relation to market research and technical surveillance.

Persán´s R+D strategy is based on efforts to invest in human resources, cutting-edge technology and close collaboration with customers, suppliers, universities and research centres, all of which enables us to develop innovative and sustainable products.