Research and development

In a world where everything can easily be imitated, it is essential to be the first to develop differential products which meet the needs of our consumers. In 2018, Persán finalized a technological development and renewal plan, involving an investment of 66 million Euros.

We have an 800 square metre laboratory where every day over 70 specialists work on innovation projects, both for new products and for the optimisation of existing products, essentially in terms of sustainability, quality and cost. Our laboratory’s approach is clearly towards the future. Therefore, it is of vital importance for the company’s strategy.

Cutting-edge technology and close collaboration with customers, suppliers and universities.

We promote the latest technology
in detergents

Our final objective and our status as a company of the future has led us to invest in super-concentrated products, such as the single dose detergent pods. At our factory, we have different lines of detergent pods for laundry and for dishes, using the latest technology developed by Persán in collaboration with our leading suppliers.

Persán supports a pioneer space
dedicated to the consumer

A fundamental part of our mission is to get to know our consumers, their needs and concerns. This is the reason why we have been working on the design of a modern and relevant research centre for several years. This will enable us to reach the households of the leading European countries in a comprehensive and effective manner.